Saturday, March 11, 2006

Private Swap with Kristin - My Card

This is the fruit sticker card that I made for Kristin. There were more stickers on the back.

Postcrossing GB 5076

Oversize card handmade by Helen from the UK.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Another of the Swap cards.

This is the second of the cards I received back from the Yahoo group swap. It was made by Nancy Tasker.

Swap card from Susan Sodon

This is one of the cards I got back from the Yahoo group swap that I participated in.

Private swap from Baturlan in Israel

Baturlan sent this oversized card from Jerusalem. I'm starting to get quite a few heart cards.

Postcrossing FI 4451 from Saija in Finland

Postcrossing Forum Handmade Tag

Gloria sent this handmade card from Indonesia. She wrote her message around and around and pu the address and stamp in the center. It was a fun card to receive and read. My first from Asia.

Postcrossing Forum Handmade Heart Tag

Swan sent this handmade heart card from California.

Postcrossing CA 2371

This is my first postcrossing card from Canada. Shutterbug not only sent me a handmade card as I requested in my preferences, but sent me some fruit stickers too. This makes three countries that I have fruit stickers from now.

Private swap with Angie from Australia

Angie made this fun card with her computer and printed it on photo paper.

Postcrossing FI 9871

From Erjuska in Finland.

Poscrossing Forum Sheep Tag

Handmade card from Swan in California.

Postcrossing DE 13180

From Nicole in Maintal, Germany.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

For Angie in Australia

I made this one for a personal swap.

Personal swap from Kathrin in Germany

Kathrin shares my fondness for fruit stickers, so we traded postcards made with fruit stickers. She cleverly used a bag to make the card.

U-Choose Tag From Mistlerose in Australia

YU 97 from Ieilom in Serbia


U-choose Tag from Luis in Brazil

Handmade Tag from Mailmaiden in France


From Luba in the Czech Republic. It came in an envelope with great stamps.